From the old discussion of two Russian 'left anti-authoritarianists'

чем я больше думаю, тем яснее становится, что ссср - это грандиознейший проект по дискредитации коммунистической утопии
The more I think the clearer I understand that the USSR was the grandest project for discredit of the communist utopia

This is the standard anarchist or Cliffist point of view, but one comment is much more ridiculous:

Вообще новая левая (в самом широком смысле) идея появится только после падения режимов на Кубе и Северной Корее.
The new (in the widest sense) left idea will be born only when the Cuban and North Korean regimes fall

Even if we suppose that they are both really terrible (it's obviously false for Cuba), the Cuban and North Korean politics has no contamination with politics of the majority of countries in the world, and the 'anti-authoritarian Left' like him have always denied any link with any socialist or 'socialist' regime. And still he thinks that Cuba and North Korea obstruct him!

For such people, there are an obscene but nimble Russian proverb: 'A bad dancer is obstructed by his balls'.

I don't think there would be socialism in Honduras if Zelaya was still the president

However, today the Honduran government without him is going to build real hotbeds of neoliberalism as Singapore or the UAE.
The government of Honduras has signed a deal with private investors for the construction of three privately run cities with their own legal and tax systems.
The memorandum of agreement signed Tuesday is part of a controversial experiment meant to bring badly needed economic growth to this small Central American country. Its weak government and failing infrastructure are being overwhelmed by corruption, drug-linked crime and lingering instability from a 2009 political coup.

And so-called "effective owners" obviously have started from robbing the people:

The project is opposed by civil society groups including indigenous Garifuna people who say they don't want their land to be used for the project.